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tv   10 O Clock News  KICU  March 27, 2012 11:30pm-12:30am PDT

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rain makes a mess of the evening commute and adds the night goes on, traction problems continue. >> as a result we're on storm watch. bill martin is tracking the back end of the storm.
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but we begin in contra costa county where ken wayne has been chasing one problem after another. >> reporter: regante drive in concord,you can see there's a utility pole here. it was probably high winds that caused the pole to tip over. you can see a crane is holding the pole in place until crews can get here to finish the repairs on this job. if you look down the street you can see it's dark, a number of homes here are without power. this is just one of many problems around the bay area from tonight's powerful storms. fierce winds bent trees, sending sheets of rain through the horizon. rain slicked roads created a nightmare for driver,
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especially on the nimits freeway. crews rushed to fill a pothole. in orinda we came up to this crash, an suv slammed into a tree. leaving the tree embedded in the vehicle. the force of the crash sheered off the front wheel. >> the vehicle sustained heavy damage. wet roads, going too fast? >> the weather. >> reporter: an ambulance arrived to take away the driver. he was conscious but could not give more information. that crash led to another one moments later. >> driving behind somebody, and they looked over here at this accident and stopped right in front of me, man, and i crashed into him and now they're gone. >> reporter: the front end of watson's crash is smashed. the other driver took off and left him stranded.
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>> it ruined my day. i've been up since 6:00 today working. >> reporter: pg & e spent the last hour or so securing this utility pole so it wouldn't fell. now they've left getting more supplies. they say it could be all night long, before they can replace this pole and rerout all of the lines. so it maybe morning before these customers get their power back. ken wayne. firefighters responded to a fire on a power pole. once pg & e cut off electricity, firefighters were able to douse the flames. these pictures were from cleveland street near dowell drive. the driver said he was cut
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off by another driver then swerved and lost control of his rig. it was raining heavily at the time and all lanes were blocked for a while. the driver said he was shaken up and that his back hurts but other wise is okay. the accident happened near eden canyon road at about 8:00. the highway patrol was able to open one lane but we're told that traffic is backed up for seven to 8 miles. again, this is happening on eastbound 580 in castro valley. the truck by the way was carrying supplies. a tree came down around 7:00 tonight on cascade driver. firefighters say it took down power lines and even trapped some residents near that home. no one was hurt and pg minnesota -- pg & e was called to the scene. a small lands slide left a
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pile of mud and rocks on mile 10 panoramic highway. crews had to close down one lane of the winding two lane road as they cleared out the debris. panoramic joins to one at the coast. all of the rain is paying off for the marin water district. as of this afternoon their reservoirs are 96% full. they said the rain doubled last year's total. in this heavy rain hit right on the afternoon commute. about 430 the front started to move in. rainfall rates of a half inch an hour. heaviest at the coastal areas. a few lingering. nothing like what we saw earlier. see the yellows coming through. that was probably an hour and a half ago. heavy rain. now it's starting to back off a
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little bit. but look at some of these totals. 6-inches of rain movado. a lot of folks got big rain in the santa cruz mountain as well. there's more lingering showers for your afternoon. and the long range model shows more rain. we will return at 10:20 with tomorrow night's forecast. we're going to show you how the weather affected flights led to cancellations. and bill is back at 10:45 for the complete forecast for the rest of the week. you can always go to and check out the radar images for the rest of the area. we have new information to share with you about the six
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slains. amber lee has been following this story. she's live at the city where she pressed the police chief for more answers. >> reporter: we're in front of the county jail where the suspect is being held at an observation where deputies can keep a close eye on him. convicted killer luk has been arrested. >> we're working with the medical examiner to try and figure out all the various times of death. >> reporter: an investigator told us none of the victims were sleeping at the time of the attacks. their bodies were discovered in various part of the houses. vincent le was found by the front door. the investigator would not say
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if le knew the suspect. but we've been told that the man may have been lured by one of the victims. possibly his wife. at least two victims had cuts to their hand that appeared to have been inflicted after death. >> can you tell us if the bands were severed. >> no, there were some cuts, but to what degree would be the province of the medical profession. >> the case we've been able to put together tells us for sure that we have the suspect in custody. but we don't really know the story yet as to why. >> reporter: i also asked chief suhr about the pressure to make a quick arrest. >> we're not on anybody clock but ours. we believe that we have the right suspect. >> reporter: have you ruled out any other people. >> as the investigation
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unfolds, we will continue to follow it. >> reporter: the district attorney's office may hold a press conference about this case tomorrow. reporting live, amber lee, ktvu channel 2 news. now we've done a little digging into the crimes that sent luc to jail. two armed robbery cases in san jose, they include police sketches of two men, one was identified as luc. police say they had been holding chinese businesses, one is now a mexican restaurant. jose ben was a witness and recognized a photo of luk that we showed him. >> yeah, yeah, same guy. he have a gun and they take my money and that's it. >> reporter: records show one of the robbery victims received a phone call threatening him and his family before he was about to testify. the victim said he's about 75% certain that that caller was luc. after getting out of
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prison, luc wound up staying in the united states even though a federal judge ordered him deported back to vietnam. but the vietnamese government would not cooperate. >> we take a look at the immigration reform and make sure we cover this aspect. especially if a country would refuse to take back a person of the origin. ross mirkarimi is asking a superior court judge to give his him job back. mirkarimi is asking the judge to rule before the city's official misconduct hearing begins. that's expected next month. san ramon police are asking for help tonight in finding the man who sexually assaulted a woman in her home.
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the attack happened on montros way around 11:00 this morning. the man rang the doorbell and when the woman opened the door he forced his way inside. the assault suspect is described as middle eastern in his 40s about 5'9". a significant development tonight in the case of that missing 15-year-old from morgan hill. police now say what happened to sierra lamar was no accident. ktvu's robert handa tells us more about that and today's huge turn out for a new volunteer search effort. >> reporter: doors opened at 8:00 a.m. within minutes people crowded inside the old burnett school to volunteer to help search for missing teenager sierra lamar. for the first time they now believe she was abducted. the family said it never thought sierra ran away. >> you hope that it's the other way because you think the chances are increasing. but you know i'm not giving up. >> reporter: the line of volunteers went out the door and just kept going to the
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school parking lot on to the avenue. the kids foundation had hoped for 200 volunteers, 583 signed up. >> we just got to put our foot down as a community and say, people aren't going to take our kids like that and we have to find out what's going on. >> reporter: some teams were assigned to places search before such as this field where lamar's phone was found. others to new and uninspected area. crews were asked to look for certain items and tag. >> it would be anything that would have school colors or significance of that sort. >> reporter: the volunteers covered a lot of ground but as you heard there is still a lot of area that still needs to be searched. so mark class hopes to keep getting the type of community response he got today. >> we should be able to cover a
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200-mile radius. the supreme court decides about the president's overhaul of health care. still showing showers out there, i'll be back in 10 minutes and i'll show you where those showers are headed. but up you're on timeout leo!
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passengers on a jet blue flight said the pilot stormed through the plane yelling about a bomb before he was finally tackled and subdued. that's cell phone video that captured some of the commotion as several passengers wrestled him to the floor. after that the flight was diverted to amarillo, texas. after the plane got to las vegas, some of the passengers talk about what happened. >> he was screaming, afghanistan, there's a bomb. i have to get in the cockpit. then he started banging on the cockpit door. >> then they came over the intercom, please restrain him, we need to restrain him. >> jet blue did not identify the captain but they did say
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they took him to the hospital. as ktvu's eric rasmussen reports, they're in the dark about mayor lee's 100 block plan. >> reporter: burglaries are are up in the oakland foothills, she submitted her own public requests to get details about 100 blocks plan to see if it would be taking officers away from other patrols. >> basically i've been stone walled by the city. >> reporter: so far the city has only provided this vague map of where those 100 locks are -- 100 blocks are actually located. >> can you tell us why so much
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of the plan is being kept secret. >> the only part of the plan that's being kept is the location of it. >> reporter: zack says the city is also with standing the city about the redeployment of officers and how the city is paying for them. some city count -- council members say they've been left in the dark too. >> it might be a good plan and it might not be a bad plan, but it hasn't been authorized. >> reporter: earlier this month she did say data showed shootings were down in west oakland. we could not get any more details than that. eric rasmussen. the death at cesar chavez left many stunned. the teen was playing basketball in a pe class when he hit his head and suffered a seizure. paramedics brought the teen to
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the hospital where he was pronounced dead. students are being asked to wear blue tomorrow to honor their classmate. grief counselors will also be on campus. teachers stripped of their pensions, the proposal to punish teachers who maintain an inappropriate resleigh -- relationship with a student. romney held a $1,000 a plate breakfast in stockton. a handful of protesters greeted the attendees this morning. the breakfast was held at the home of spanos. first lady michelle obama is coming to the bay area this weekend and she'll be making two stops. she will be attending a democratic commission. then she will take part in the commissioning of the first coast guard ship.
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that will be happening on coast guard island. perhaps the most important issue of the health care reform law, ktvu's rita williams tells us, one observer said it was like the rally for the congressional law. >> i don't believe the federal government has the authority to force he to buy a commercial product. >> reporter: and law schools around the country were watching closely. >> it's constitutional history being made. from a constitutional lawyer's perspective it's really the world series. >> reporter: that's because today's issue is the foundation of the president's health care overhaul. does the federal government have the constitutional authority to require that all americans have insurance? >> the people who don't participate in this market are making it much more expensive for the people who do. >> reporter: the four liberal justices are expecting to rule
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that the government does have the authority to require health insurance. three conservative justices are expected to disagree. >> the federal government is not supposed to be a government that has all powers. >> reporter: leaving the chief justice and aptny kennedy possible swing votes. law professor david fegman predicts a majority will decide the government has the authority to require health insurance. >> in my opinion at least it's not that close a call. >> reporter: on the third and last state tomorrow, the issue before the supreme court can the federal government coerce states to expand their share of medicaid? in san francisco, rita williams, ktvu channel 2 news. welcome back. storm tracker picking up scattered showers. moderate rain, the heavy front activity has moved off. the rain was really coming down in the heart of your afternoon
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commute. the heaviest rain fell out in the north bay. lighter rain as you move further south. the system still whipping storms. i think there's going to be some sun when you wake up. i don't think it's going to be that wet. paul and sal will be here this morning, they'll be tracking this. i think your morning commute shouldn't be much of a problem. the mid-morning commute not bad. then you get to the afternoon and it clears out. so the sun should come out. you see clearing with more snow in the mountains on wednesday afternoon. five day forecast coming up next and there is rain in that one. we'll talk about that, see you back here. a crabber is dead tonight after an accident off the san mateo county court. it happened yesterday afternoon
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near pescadero state beach. 49-year-old james althouse of south san francisco was tangled. althouse was pulled back into the boat and given cpr but it was too late. he was pronounced dead at the hospital. several east bay restaurants give up
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college education for the grand kids. >> reporter: people across the bay area and the nation have been dreaming about winning tonight's mega millions jackpot. $363million is up for grabs. that's the third largest jackpot in mega millions history. san lorenzo was a popular spot
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to play. the store has sold four winning tickets. the numbers were picked a couple of hours ago, the numbers are nine, 19, 34, 44, 51 and the mega number is 24. that top prize is a whopping $363 million. new at 10:00, they ar tallying up tonight's re receipts at a contra costa restaurant. >> reporter: every $1 sp-pbt -- spent here at the pasta pomadora, 30-cents is being donated to education. tonight this bustling restaurant kitchen was serving up fresh pasta and a little hope for public schools. pasta pomadoro is one of several restaurants participated in the dine out
11:56 pm
for education campaign. run by the education for pleasant hill. >> our goal is to get money into the schools during this time where there's been severe state cuts. >> reporter: several parents got together in 2009 and started the organization. the deep cuts have forced the city to close schools, shorten the school year and increase class size. >> i know the schools out here need a lot of help. >> reporter: decided tonight she wasn't cooking. >> and if we're going to order out food then we might as well do it on the night when it goes to the school district. >> reporter: that's apparently what many people did. the restaurant manager saying business was up 30% compared to a typical tuesday night. >> it's a win-win situation. schools are happy and we're happy too. >> reporter: the organization has already provided $45,000 to various schools allowing them to purchase -- >> class books for entire classrooms. early readers, lab materials. >> reporter: and it's counting
11:57 pm
on the plates of pasta to fund more supplies. >> well we had a chance to come and help our schools. that needs lots of money but we also got to enjoy a great meal. >> reporter: fortunately frank and julie, the program that ended tonight, the organization will start distributing those funds at the end of the school year. heather holmes, ktvu news. on wall street stocks gave back a little bit of monday's gain. the dow lost 43 points, the nasdaq dropped two. a conference board result is showing prices are starting to take a toll. the latest case schiller report show home prices fell. home and condo prices in the city fell 2.5% in january and almost 6% in the last year.
11:58 pm
over all national home prices fell 8/10 of a percent. that leaves home prices just where they were 10 years ago. personal experience shaping perception. >> every time i leave my house i have to deal with the fears of other people. >> a discussion on race in the
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it was a great day sort of for a few kite surfers. there was lots of wind and lots of waves for those hearty souls. when our crews were out there,
12:01 am
they spotted three kite surfers. others preferred just to take pictures. the arrival and departure board says it all. lots of late arrivals and cancellations. >> wind direction is coming out of the south rather than the west so we have to use a difficult arrival and departure pattern so that slows the arrival rate. >> reporter: after countless delay, many people avoided long delays by calling in. these guys were delayed coming in for a birthday party from argentina from new york. >> it was a long trip, getting a delay was kind of a problem. >> reporter: this couple was enjoying a vacation but were
12:02 am
delayed getting to their next stop in miami. >> what are you going to do until 4:00. >> i don't know, i was in las vegas, i can -- but here, nothing. >> reporter: this man arrived from miami three hours late. >> i got movie, i got a whole bunch of stuff so i don't mind. i'm not in a hurry i'm just on vacation. >> reporter: days and delays are common at sfo. they look forward to solving this issue from switching from a radar landing system to gps. in oakland a man charge with a wild freeway shoot out two years ago says he was acting in self-defense. byron williams exchanged fire with a highway patrol officer in oakland. today williams asked a judge to drop the charges arguing he was protecting himself into what he called a criminal gang. the judge ruled williams must stand trial. new developments tonight on a trial we fist brought you
12:03 am
last week. 62-year-old rory moore of san francisco died after she fell three stories when the stairs gave way at her san francisco apartment building. residents at the hill gate manor apartment say they have complained for years about rotting stairs. today ktvu learned the san francisco building department has ordered the owner of the building to replace all of the staircases in that building within three days. thousands have come together demanding justice for slain florida teenager trayvon martin. students and faculty from washington area schools marched to the house expressing outrage over martin's death. the 17-year-old was shot and killed while unarmed in florida last month by a neighborhood watch captain george zimmerman who claimed self-defense. today martin's parents spoke on capitol hill about their son's death and issued of hate and racial profiling. trayvon was our son, but
12:04 am
trayvon is your son. a lot of people can relate to our situation. and it breaks their heart just like it breaks mine. >> the u.s. justice department is now investigating whether the teen's death was a hate crime. and here in the bay area, martin's death was the focus of an emotional discussion tonight. pat ti lee is live now in oakland with what concerned residents are saying here in oakland. >> reporter: the story of trayvon martin is in every newspaper including the latest oakland post. the teenagers's death has raised the discussion of race in america and here in the bay area. as a young black man wearing a hoodie. eric murphy is aware he might be received with suspicion. and he says there's a reason for it. >> a lot of times crimes are associated with people wearing hoodies. >> reporter: the hoodie worn by trayvon martin the night he was
12:05 am
killed has become a symbol for racial profiling and the focus of a racial discussion today. >> if you watch a barrage of images, you become afraid. >> reporter: local activists spoke out about local experiences. >> every time i leave the house i have to contend with the fears of other people. >> reporter: some fear the media for perpetuating negative images. >> each time we look at images, black and brown men we found the same thing. >> reporter: statistics show an estimated 7.9% of black men will be in federal prison by the time they are 20 compared to .7% of whites. experts say the numbers feed community fears. the kind of fears george
12:06 am
zimmerman may have harbored the night he killed trayvon martin. the portrayal of martin has changed from innocent victim to possible perpetrator. zimmerman's account to police said he was punched repeatedly and had his head smashed into the sidewalk by trayvon. in the wake of trayvon martin controversy, 20th century fox has pulled ads for its latest comedy neighborhood watch. the film is not related to the say -- trayvon martin case. it's set to be released in july. back here in just 10 minutes, tracking showers and more rain in the bay area forecast as we move toward the weekend.
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an update tonight on that wildfire burning out of the control in colorado. another woman is missing, the fire is burning in the rockies about 25 miles southwest of denver. it started yesterday afternoon and so far has burned seven square miles and destroyed 23 homes. this march has been unusually warm and dry in colorado and there are several fires burning in the state right now. firefighters believe this deadly fire grew from embers left behind followed a controlled burn by the forest service. the spca are offering a
12:10 am
reward into information in an animal cruelty case. they say it's the worse case they've ever seen. two dogs had to be euthanized, but their pictures released in hopes that it would lead to clues in their case. the dogs were found last friday in a condo complex on cherry avenue. both dogs were so immaceuated and weak they were unable to walk. both dogs were covered in waste and had signs of bruises that had never been treated. police say a human foot washed ashore on friday on rockaway beach. that's the same area where volunteers have been searching for 27-year-old joseph mchenry. the former marine told his family he was going catching earlier this month and he never returned. his car was later found parked near sharp park. and his backpack was found near the beach. the shooting of a 24-year-
12:11 am
old man in foster city appears to be alcohol related. police say the man was drunk and fell asleep in his friend's car. when he woke up, he went into what he thought was his friend's house. but it was actually a neighbor's home and a man inside that home seeing an intruding shot the 24-year-old several times. police say they don't believe any laws were broken and they say the unidentified victim is expected to survive. in news of the world tonight, at a summit meeting in south korea, president obama and the prime minister of pakistan met face to face to try to repair their strained relations. ties have been tested by the killing of osama bin laden in pakistan last year and the killing of 24 pakistani soldiers by u.s. forces in november. the two leaders were attending a summit about nuclear security. in syria, president assad has accepted a seize fire. it calls for a two hour halt in fighting every day for humanitarian access for those
12:12 am
caught in the fighting and for humanitarian aid. thousands of health care workers walked off their jobs today. they are demanding a 6-1/2 pay raise and they've already rejected a 3% race saying it wouldn't keep up with inflation. hundreds of flights were cancelled stranding thousands of passengers. apple is offering an explanation for a problem with the battery. the device automatically discharges energy when the battery is full then charges up again. the i pad gets 10 hours of battery life. her teenage daughter moved in with a teacher more than twice her age. coming up the mother's proposal that would cost the teachers thei
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it was a story that made national headlines, a teacher from modesto leaving his family and moving in with his student. >> reporter: amy powers faced something she didn't know she would ever face. her 18-year-old daughter jordan a high school student in modesto moved in with her 41- year-old teacher james hooker the same day he resigned his job and a week after he left his wife and three daughters. >> initially i went into shock. utter disbelief. >> reporter: powers says the teacher groomed her daughter into a relationship sighting many text messages even before
12:16 am
she was an adult. christine olson introduced a bill to stop minded teachers. >> there will be a strong deterrent and people would think twice about getting involved in that behavior. >> reporter: teachers would be guilty of a felony and lose their public pension. the law would cover sexual contact or excessive communication such as texts that are lewd or sexually explicit. the california teachers association says since this bill has just been announced it has not taken a position. powers says she will work to make it law in the remaining states. in sacramento, ken pritchett, ktvu channel 2 news. dozens of state parks are expected to close in just months. they now may stay open after
12:17 am
all. 70 parks are expected to close this summer. the park's department says agreements are being made with nonprofits to keep most of those parks open. agreements are already in place to keep 11 parks open and deals are near for about 20 others. a state senate panel voted unanimously today to stop spending until an audit is complete. the agency has already spent $93 million to purchase a building in san francisco and began awarding contracts to renovate that building. state senator mark desanye has been questioning use of toll revenues for that project. the city's main postoffice was evacuated about 8:00 this morning. authorities say what happened is two employees reported feeling sick after a yellow substance leaked from a substance sent from taiwan.
12:18 am
those two workers plus a third employee were isolated. the building and surrounded streets were down for more than two hours until officials determined that the substance was actually only an herbal remedy. after a busy day of rain in the north bay, the showers are drawing up from santa rosa to napa and down toward san rafael. you can see on storm tracker 2, most of the activity has shifted. the main dynamics have moved out of the area. but widely scattered showers still in the forecast. san jose has kind of got left from this one today. they got some rain but not the two to three inches we saw at the coast. just .1 of an inch to .2 of an inch. percents of average they've come up just a little bit. so we're doing okay for march but look at san jose, 34% of average. last year at this time we were 150, 160% of average.
12:19 am
the pacific is very active. that's our system now. we're going to get a little bit of a break as we head into tomorrow. we have a couple more systems that want to tweak through here as we head into the bay area. some showers for your commute, sal will be here at 4:30. the model says a little bit of shower activity it'll be light at best. it shouldn't be a big deal. looks like saturday will be wet now. this one is not as detailed as the other model i've been showing you. it goes out further in town. tomorrow morning you see showers in the area. no big deal. then we see tomorrow night the afternoon commute is dry, some showers kind of north around sacramento and yuba city. thursday about 4:00, your thursday looks okay. your friday everything is still north. friday looks good. here comes saturday. you see this area drop down saturday morning. then you see it get out of here and sunday everything stays north. what i just showed you is a lot
12:20 am
of weak areas pivoting through. the pattern is pretty fluid. the big take away here there's no big one lined uptaking aim at the bay area right now. this is saturday and it looks wet. but doesn't look like it's a big one. mid-60s, low 60s. 64 in napa. you're going to find some upper 50s at the coast. 63 in gilroy and 64 in morgan hill. in the five day forecast with your weekend in view, there you go. the saturday deal looks like it's going to be wet out there. but we'll have to get close tore that date. tomorrow morning a slight chance of a sprinkle, no big deal. >> a little break for a couple of days. >> that's right. that's what they need. >> the worse is over. federal regulators say the
12:21 am
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harry potter fans have a new way to enjoy the adventures of hogwarts. for the first time, the books are available on i form. unlike most e books the potter books are not locked by inscription. close again for the
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warriors that means being so close. >> when it comes to basketball, with the warriors and the lakers are no town, it adds an extra 40 points on the adrenaline scale. when you have them in town and they do it tonight and the warrior fans benefit by it. brandon rush off the bench driving two of his 33. warriors down as many as 16. now within two, just let kobe do his thing. her honor his money. watch him with brush in his face he pops. that's what he does. 1:04 left we're tied. not anymore. kobe has the ball. these are his first points of the fourth quarter and he sinks again. and the lakers hold on 104-101. when it comes to basketball and stanford the women are the big men on campus sort to speak down there but the guys crying out for a little attention. making it into the other
12:26 am
tournaments final. the nit at landry field. new york knick taking on his teammates. over umass an intermission, anthony brown putting it away. 13 of 18 in the second half. sanford takes care of the ball game by 10. and they will take on minnesota in the nit final thursday. well for years the new orleans saints ignored warnings from the nfl about their bounty program. the whip finally dame down and today at the -- finally came down and today scene payton offered answers to the media and at least he's saying all the right things. >> i made the statement earlier as the head coach, anything that happens within the frame work of your team and your program you're responsible for.
12:27 am
and that's a lesson i've learned. and that's something that, you know i regret. >> what's good for baseball long term might be bad for the giants as well in the big picture. a group that includes magic johnson and warrior co-owner cugar purchasing the dodgers tonight $2 billion. they're not spending that kind of money to play second fiddle to san francisco. look out, meantime in arizona reunited and it feels so good for lincecum and posey to work together for the first time this spring. lincecum 5 innings, gave up five hits, two outs. one of his two strike outs there. we have a 2-2 ball game. with the angel javi lopez giving it up as shot into the corner with the bases loaded. everybody is going to score. alexi amarista with a three run double and the giants lose and the a's are playing at 3:30 this morning. inconvenient time but it is their opener, it is a real ball game. >> in japan.
12:28 am
>> optimism is high. >> there you go. >> thank you. and thank you so much for trusting ktvu
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